Junior Certification FAQ


Q: Who should take the Junior Certification exam?

Junior Certification is an entry level certification aimed at ages 14+ and/or those just starting out with Arduino. Junior Certification is based on topics covered by the Arduino Student Kit or Education Starter Kit.

Q: Why take the exam?

Junior Certification provides educators with an opportunity to assess their students’ level. Junior Certification demonstrates students' aptitude, skills, and experience, not only with using Arduino components, but with the basics of physical computing, programming, prototyping, and mechatronics. These are skills in high demand from both universities and employers.

Q: Will Junior Certification be available in any other languages?

The exam is currently available in English only, but Spanish and Italian will be available soon. More languages will be added at a later stage.

Q: Am I required to take the exam in English?

Junior Certification is currently available in English only, but more languages will be added soon. Before starting the exam, you will be taken to a three-step verification process to ensure your certificate is personal to you. On that page, you can also select the language in which you want to take the exam. Please note that once you select your language, you CANNOT change it during the exam.

Q: Is there an age limit to take the Junior Certification exam?

The recommended age is 14+. However, to have an Arduino account, candidates must be at least 16 years, and they will need parental or legal guardian consent if they are under 18, or in some countries if they are under 21. Alternatively, students under 16 can use Google, Apple, Facebook and GitHub Accounts to sign in to Arduino. For more information about age requirements on Google Accounts, visit Google Account Help.

Q: Why is Junior Certification only available to ages 14+ when the Student Kit is for age 11+?

We take online safety very seriously. Since Junior Certification is an online exam and sign-in is required to complete it, the 14+ age is necessary for data protection reasons.

Q: What is the difference between Junior Certification and the Arduino Certification program?

Junior Certification is based on topics covered by the Arduino Student Kit or Education Starter Kit, while Arduino Certification is based on the concepts introduced in the Arduino Starter Kit.

Junior Certification is an entry level certification aimed at ages 14+ and/or those just starting out with Arduino, while the Arduino Certification Program is an intermediate qualification for those aged 16+ who’ve been using Arduino for a year or more.

Both certifications certify students’ knowledge of Arduino, programming & electronics and give educators the opportunity to assess each individual student’s level.


Q: What are the exam’s prerequisites?

There are no specific prerequisites for taking the Junior Certification exam. However, the knowledge level and concepts tested in the exam closely match the content of the Arduino Student Kit. We therefore recommend going through the content of the Arduino Student Kit and building the projects it includes.

Q: Can I use the Arduino Education Starter Kit instead of the Student Kit for Junior Certification?

Yes, you can use the Arduino Education Starter Kit to pass Junior Certification. However, since the Arduino Education Starter Kit is designed to be reused year after year, we don’t sell this kit as a bundle with the certification. You can, however, buy the exact number of exams you need for each class separately each year.

Q: What topics are covered in the exam?

Junior Certification includes questions that test your knowledge in these categories:

  • Electricity. Understanding concepts such as resistance, voltage, power, and capacitance, being able to measure and calculate them.
  • Reading circuits and schematics. Understanding how electronics are represented visually, and your ability to read and analyze electronic circuits.
  • Arduino IDE. Understanding the functionality of the Arduino development environment, serial communication, libraries, and errors.
  • Arduino boards. Understanding the constitution and capabilities of an Arduino board and the functions of its different parts.
  • Electronic components. Understanding how various electronic components, such as LEDs, sensors, buttons, and motors work, and how to use them in a circuit.
  • Programming syntax and semantics. Understanding the building blocks of the Arduino programming language, such as functions, arguments, variables, and loops.
  • Programming logic. Ability to program various electronic components and read, analyze, and troubleshoot Arduino code.

Q: How is the Junior Certification exam structured?

The exam is web-based and consists of 25 questions in various formats that cover a range of Arduino-related topics. You get 60 minutes to complete the exam, and can freely navigate back and forth between the questions and editing your answers.

Once the exam is submitted, your answers will be assessed immediately. To avoid losing your answers, please use only the exam navigation arrow buttons, and/or the left navigation panel. Do not use the browser back and forward buttons during the exam.

Q: What are the technical requirements to complete the exam?

You will need a computer and a stable internet connection. Avoid taking the exam anywhere that wireless access is inconsistent. Make sure you resolve any computer malfunctions, and take all measures to reduce and prevent power outages before taking the exam.

Exams will not be delayed or suspended due to computer problems. You can use Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari to do the exam. For the best exam experience, it is recommended to use the latest version of Chrome and Firefox. You can also use Chromebooks. Please note that browsers on handheld devices (mobile phones and tablets) are NOT recommended.

Q: How much time do I have to answer the exam?

You have 60 minutes to complete the exam. Once you’ve started the exam, it’s not possible to pause or stop it.

Q: What happens if time runs out?

The exam will be submitted automatically when the time runs out. The work you have completed will be assessed and your final mark will be determined based on the answers you’ve entered.

Q: What happens if I accidentally close the browser window? How do I get back to the exam?

If you accidentally close your browser window while answering the exam, you need to enter the following url to continue: https://certifications.arduino.cc/. Be aware that the timer will keep running while you are out of the exam, so try to return to it as quickly as possible.

Q: What do I do if my Internet connection goes down while I am taking my certification exam?

You are expected to have a stable Internet connection. If the loss of connection is brief, then you may be able to resume your exam. However, the time limit will continue to count down and will auto-submit the questions you did answer at the end of the time limit.

Q: When will I receive my score?

Results for the exam will be provided immediately upon completion.

Q: What is the exam passing score?

The passing score for the exam is 70 points out of 100.

Q: I didn’t pass the exam. What do I do now?

You can repurchase the exam and retake it.

Q: Can I pass the exam without any exposure to the Student Kit?

Yes, it’s possible to pass the exam without having used the Student Kit if you have a thorough knowledge of the basic concepts of electronics and physical computing specifically related to Arduino.

Q: How do I find out which questions I answered incorrectly?

Answers to the questions are not directly disclosed. Arduino strives to maintain the highest standards to protect the integrity of the certifications you earn. However, you will be able to see your results and your performance in relation to the different topics covered in the exam after submission.


Q: How will I get my certificate?

You will receive an email with a link to download your certificate in PDF format.

Q: What should I do if I lose my certificate?

You can download your certificate from your results page at any time.

Q: How long does the certification last?

Junior Certification does not expire. The validity of your certification can be verified via the unique QR code contained in the certificate, which you receive when you pass the exam. The content of the Junior Certification exam will be continually evaluated and updated to ensure it maintains its prestige to education and professional organizations.

Q: Is there any record of the exam after I have finished?

The validity of your certification can be verified via the unique QR code contained in the certificate granted upon passing the exam.


Q: I didn't receive my invoice. How can I request a copy?

You should receive an email with your invoice as soon as you purchase the Arduino Student Kit + Exam bundle. Please check your spam folder if you don’t receive this email, and if you have any questions, contact support at arduino.cc/en/contact-us

Q: I didn't receive my printed activation code. How do I request a copy?

You will receive an activation code and access link to the platform inside the Student Kit when you buy the Junior Certification Bundle. In case of any complications with the activation code, please contact our support team at: arduino.cc/en/contact-us

Q: Does the activation code expire?

No, the activation code doesn't expire, so you can decide when to take the exam. As long as the Arduino Certification platform is available and you haven't used the activation code, you are free to activate it whenever you want. However, once the activation code has been used it will expire.

Q: Can I get a refund for the exam?

The Junior Certification exam is non-refundable and non transferable. If you purchase the exam and decide not to take it, your purchase is non-refundable. We do not offer refunds for failed exams or expired attempts. We don’t provide refunds because you have immediate access to the exam upon purchase.

Q: Can I return the Junior Certification Bundle and get a refund?

You can return the Student Kit within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of the bundle receipt only if the code has not been activated. Please click here to learn more about Arduino return and refund policies.

Q: If I don't pass the exam, can I get a refund?

No, we do not offer refunds for failed exams.

Q: Can I purchase the exam for my school or organization?

Yes, you can purchase multiple codes to certify your students, teachers, or team. You can buy the exam alone or in combination with the Student Kit (this is called the Arduino Junior Certification Bundle).

Got a question we haven’t covered here? Email us at arduino.cc/en/contact-us.