The Arduino AtHeart program is designed for makers and companies wishing to make their products easily recognisable as based on the Arduino technology. The program is available for any product that includes a processor that is currently supported by the Arduino Development environment (see list below).

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  • Tap into the power of the huge Arduino community.
  • Make it easy for an end-user to customize the product with just a micro-usb cable and the Arduino IDE.
  • Add the Arduino AtHeart logo on the product to clearly show that your product is based on the Arduino technology.
  • A page on the Arduino website describing the product with links to documentation, tutorials, and any other marketing material.
  • Participate in Arduino marketing activities.
  • Your product news and updates tweeted and blogged through Arduino's official accounts.
  • If desired, your product will be made available through the Arduino online store.


  • Participation in the program requires paying a small licensing fee for the Arduino AtHeart branding. If you’re a small Maker this is a flat fee, established companies pay a small royalty (max 5% of the wholesale price).
  • This program applies to finished products like alarm clocks, watches, toys, lamps, radios and similar as well as "activity boards” that further abstract the electronics and software from the Arduino base.
  • Arduino Clones are excluded from the program (i.e. boards that are a straight copies of official Arduino boards)

Supported processors

These are the currently supported microcontrollers:

  • ATMega328 clocked at 8 or 16 MHz
  • ATMega1280 clocked at 16 MHz
  • ATMega2560 clocked at 16 MHz
  • ATMega32U4 clocked at 16MHz
  • SAM3X

For more information about the Arduino AtHeart program please contact at_heart [at]