Getting Started with the MKR 485 Shield

The MKR 485 shield allows a MKR board to connect to other 485 devices.

Usage notes

The Arduino MKR 485 allows the Arduino MKR family of boards to communicate with industrial automation systems or to extend the serial wired communication over much longer range. This shield supports half and full duplex with or without biasing and termination, master slave configuration. Most of these configurations are physical and the 3 ways dip switch allows you to set up the connection properly.

Switch No.OFFON
1Termination on X-Y*NO terminnation
2FULL Duplex*HALF Duplex
3Termination on X-Y*NO terminnation

(* Factory configuration)


Now that you have a basic knowledge of the shield, you may find inspiration in our Project Hub tutorial platform

This shield may be used with the libraries already available for 485 communication.

PIN usage

This shield is compatible with the MKR family of Arduino boards. It uses Pin 7 to generate an interrupt when there is data coming from the CAN bus.

Pin numberUsageNotes

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