WiFi Shield 32U serial commands

The Arduino WiFi Shield has an FTDI compatible connector that enables you to get diagnostic information from the onboard ATmega 32U.

You can connect to the 32U with a FTDI cable :

You can also use a USB2Serial board :

To send messages to the board, use a program like Coolterm to connect to the FTDI port. The board communicates at 57600bps. When sending messages, terminate with a carriage return (CR).

Supported commands and their parameters :

  • scan
  • connect <ssid>
  • setkey <key_idx (0-3)> <key in hex> ("setkey none" will delete all WEP keys)
  • status
  • debug <section> <level>
    • section: init, cm, spi, tcp , util, warn
    • level : 0 (off), 1 (on), 2 (verbose)
  • ttcp -t/-r [-options] host
    • -l length of bufs written to network (default 1024)
    • -n number of bufs written to network (default 1024)
    • -p port number to send to (default 2000)
    • -u udp
    • -v verbose
  • wpass <ssid> <passphrase> (set passphrase associated to ssid)
  • dpass <ssid> (delete passphrase associated to ssid)

If you send a string or character that is not recognized, you'll get a list of supported commands.