Contribution to the Arduino Software Development FAQ

Over time the Arduino & Genuino core API and its IDE have grown out of their initial role as components of the Arduino products. These libraries and IDEs are used to program thousands of different types of devices. Literally hundreds of companies around the world are using it as the development environment for the products they sell. Although the community has an amazing and irreplaceable role in supporting the software, major changes like radically new IDEs, porting the code to new architectures and writing a lot of documentation, require the intervention of people who are paid to do it. (Even Linux, the most popular open source software, is supported by thousands of different companies who pay people to write code for it).

There are also a lot of products which claim to be “original” Arduino, using our graphics and branding, but provide no contributions back to Arduino for the development of the software and running the website.

In 2014 over 18 million people visited the website spending an average of 6 minute browsing through it. The IDE has been downloaded hundreds of thousands times, a lot more times than there are “official” Arduino products.

If you feel you want to contribute to accelerate the development of the Arduino Software (IDE), you can do so via this page. We will use the contributions to pay our developers and members of the community to advance the whole ecosystem.

We’ll use this page to update you on how we use the contributions you make.