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2010.09.03 Arduino 0019 available from the download page.

2010.07.31 Laboral Centro de Arte commissions a documentary about Arduino read more here

2010.02.23 Please fill out the the Arduino Uno Punto Zero survey to let us know what you think of the current features of Arduino. It takes about five minutes. This will help give us a broad picture of Arduino use. Please share this widely with your friends, students, and anyone else you know who uses Arduino.

2010.01.29 Arduino 0018 available from the download page.

2010.01.09 Arduino Server upgraded to CentOS 5.4 successfully! Downtime ZERO

2009.08.12 Arduino 0017 available from the download page.

2009.06.17 Can't run Arduino after updating Java on your Mac? See the solution in the troubleshooting guide.

2009.06.04 Arduino 0016 for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux available from the software page.

2009.03.26 Arduino Mega released. Download the new Arduino 0015 software to use it.

2009.03.11 Arduino 0014 for Windows and Mac OS X available from the software page. This is a minor bug fix release.

2009.02.07 Uploaded a slightly updated version of Arduino 0013 for Linux (32 bit).

2009.02.06 Arduino 0013 is now available (release notes): Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (32bit).

2008.12.23 The Arduino software is now available for download from Google Code. If you have any problems, please let us know.

2008.10.24 Arduino 0012 for Linux AMD 64bit available for download: arduino-0012-linux-amd64.tgz

2008.10.19 Announcing the Arduino Duemilanove, the latest and easiest-to-use version of the basic Arduino USB board.

2008.10.12 Arduino 0012 for Linux 32bit available: arduino-0012-linux.tgz

2008.09.18 Arduino 0012 available (release notes): Windows, Mac OS X. Linux version coming soon.

2008.09.16 New Arduino Server!! Faster, Better, and already breaking the records ... read about it on our blog

2008.09.03 on the move!! During the next week we will migrate all our online services to a new and better server, we apologize for eventual cuts while in the process.

2008.07.11 New distributors: Robotev in Bulgaria and Linux Center in Russia. Full list on the buy page.

2008.05.17 New Hardware: Arduino Nano available for pre-order, by Gravitech. Shipping June 16.

2008.04.29 Check out: Mecharoboshop, our latest distributor in Japan

2008.04.14 Plughouse becomes the first Arduino distributor in South Korea

2008.03.28 Arduino 0011 now available (release notes): Mac OS X, Windows, Linux.

2008.01.24 Libelium launches their Open Hardware Contest, you can win Limited Edition GPRS/GPS Gadgets for Arduino!!

2007.12.07 Make Magazine features us as one of the most popular prototyping/education platforms 2007

2007.11.27 Arduino distributor in Spain: Libelium creator of the XBee shield, develops an Arduino compatible GPS module.

2007.11.19 Arduino distributor in France: AlyaSoft.

2007.10.22 Arduino 0010 for Linux now available: arduino-0010-linux.tgz.

2007.10.17 Arduino 0010 now available (release notes): Mac OS X, Windows. Linux version coming soon.

2007.10.16 Little Bird Electronics (Australia, China) is now selling Arduino boards in the US.

2007.10.03 The website was offline for a few hours due to a DOS. We should be back to normal.

2007.06.09 Arduino 0009 (with support for the Arduino Diecimila) now available (release notes): Mac OS X (>= 10.3.9): PPC, Intel. WindowsXP Windows Vista unstable . Linux.

2007.08.04 Another Arduino distributor in the U.S. - Adafruit Industries

2007.07.30 New Arduino distributor: RobotShop in Canada.

2007.07.01 The Maker Store from MAKE magazine is now selling Arduino boards.

2007.06.30 Libelium, becomes an official Arduino distributor for Spain.

2007.06.26 New Arduino distributor in China: Interactive-China, who's selling the Arduino on

2007.06.09 Arduino 0008 available (release notes): Mac OS X (>= 10.3.9): PPC, Intel. Windows. Linux version coming soon.

2007.06.05 Libelium a Spanish Spin-off launches Arduino's first 3rd party development tool: Squidbee, read more about it here

2007.04.17 Arduino XBee Shield under development, check it out here

2007.03.22 New Arduino distributor: Olimex in Chile.

2007.03.09 Short paper (pdf) by the Arduino Foundation accepted at the alt.chi section of the CHI 2007conference in San Jose (CA).

2007.03.04 New Arduino distributors: Segor-electronics in Germany and Electrokit in Sweden. Search for "Arduino".

2007.02.08 Arduino will be presented at UCLA's OPEN Symposium organized by Casey Reas more

2007.02.04 New Arduino distributor in Singapore: sgBotic.

2007.01.05 Check out the 2006 statistics for our site. Thanks for all those visits and have a Happy New Year!

2006.12.25 Arduino 0007 available (release notes): Mac OS X (>= 10.3.9): PPC, Intel. Windows. Linux.

2006.11.17 Arduino presented at Artech, the 3rd International Conference on Digital and Electronic Art.

2006.11.16 The Arduino booklet has been released. It's a small introductory book to learn about Arduino.

2006.11.04 Arduino 0006 available (release notes): Mac OS X (>= 10.3.9): PPC, Intel. Windows. This release fixes the problem that prevented Arduino 0005 from running on Mac OS X 10.3.

2006.09.18 If you always wanted to do master degree in interaction design in Milan here is you chance. The I-Design course at Domus Academy is offering 4 scholarships for people with a background/interest in technology. If you are an Arduino user you probably qualify. Details here

2006.09.06 Arduino 0005 (release notes) available: Mac OS X (>= 10.3.9), PPC, Intel. Windows. Linux users, see the FAQ.

2006.09.06 Arduino Mini and Mini USB Adapter available. See the buy page for prices.

2006.08.20 Arduino appears in Make 07. See the article free online. Thanks to Daniel Jolliffe.

2006.07.31 The application process for our workshops at Ars Electronica is now open. Check this forum note or the official site to apply!

2006.07.28 Gianluca and Massimo have engineered and launched a production of thousands of PCBs for Ars Electronica.

2006.07.18 David Cuartielles presents Arduino at Ars Electronica's Future lab. Also schedules a meeting to Linz's local Arduino group, created by Erich Berger.

2006.07.10 Malm� University Students exhibit a collection of Arduino, PureData, and Openframeworks based projects called Implement at Malm�'s Technical Museum. Read the press release (Swedish only) here or visit the project's website here

2006.07.10 There is a new photoset on flickr with pictures of almost all the types of Arduino boards ever made and some previews on new ones. find it here

2006.06.13 The Festival SONAR in Barcelona will include a lecture on Arduino this year. David will present an example of multiplicity of sensor data interfacing a computer using 20 Arduinos on stage simultaneously. The conference will be held on June 17th 5PM CET at Sonarama located at the festival's space Sta. Monica.

2006.06.13 Ars Electronica Electrolobby will be curated this year by David Cuartielles from the Arduino Foundation. Among other things we anticipate a FREE Arduino camp in Linz. Stay tuned for the applications. We will count with Dave, Massimo, David and lots of invited guests at this gig.

2006.06.12 Interested in the only OFFICIAL Arduino workshop in Barcelona this summer? Coordinated by Mar Canet at ESDI. Still some seats available. Apply here. Massimo and David will be there.

2006.05.23 Ars Electronica Digital Communities Prix gives Arduino an Honorary Mention. Check the official press release here. The Arduino Foundation thanks you all for your support, this will encourage us to make things even better!

2006.04.29 Arduino 0004 (release notes) available: Mac OS X (PPC). Windows.

2006.03.31 Finally it's official. The free Arduino workshop in Milan it's happening on Saturday 8 of April. more details

2006.03.20 The Arduino Playground (beta) is open. This is the place where arduino users can collaboratively build their own documentation for arduino. Open to anybody, just register for a password. Beltran Berrocal has kindly agreed to become the "editor".

2006.03.19 Open Source technologies for Art and Design workshop with Arduino, Processing and Pure Data in Madrid, apply here

2006.03.12 We have a new website and forum!! this will be the new home of the soon to be multi-lingual arduino website! (we have also migrated the forum and all the passwords. let us know if something isn't working)

2006.03.11 Free arduino workshop during the Salone Del Mobile in Milan. More details in the italian forum

2006.03.11 a new Multisensor Shield developed by Marcos Yarza is under test. Details

2006.03.07 EMI, Experimental Musical Instruments announce their second Arduino-based noise concert at KokoTeatteri, Helsinki, Finland on March 17th

2006.03.07 Video lectures by Tom Igoe. Watch Tom introduce Arduino. Thanks to Pollie Barden for the great videos.

2006.03.04 Arduino featured on Makezine, Make magazine's blog.

2006.03.02 Arduino featured on the Spanish TV program cuatrosfera when presented at Dorkbot Barcelona, see the video clip here

2006.03.01 Arduino is now officially available in the USA through Get yours here

2006.03.01 Our friends Christian Nold and Erica Calogero from The Bartlett School in London, produced a website, on a workshop using USB Extreme at their school, visit it here

2006.02.26 New Arduino prototyping board schematics and part list available. This board has a section of prototyping holes for soldering on extra parts.

2006.02.19 Because of a large scale spam attack on the forum we had to disable guest posting. Sorry. We hope to enable it again in the future... in the meantime we have to clean up. We apologise for the inconvenient

2006.02.17 Pictures from our man in china, fallen has built an arduino powered robot. Congratulations!

2006.02.17 We are actively looking into expanding the arduino team. If you want to help us you can work on code, documentation let us know. We might also be offering internships in Milan. (email address now working, thanks to Oliver Keller for pointing that out) Read more..?


2006.01.21 Following the requests we received, we now have a chatroom on IRC. Connect

2006.01.20 LAST MINUTE Madrid - Spain, Arduino will be featured at Arco, the Contemporary Art Fair. Opening Feb. 7th Call for Participation

2006.01.17 Barcelona - Spain, Workshop at Hangar (jan30-feb3), APPLICATION CLOSED, check the participants list (here)

2006.01.16 Arduino 0003 is here! Highlights include new blue color scheme, included API reference, new examples, integrated serial monitor, corrected (flipped) numbering of the analog input pins. Download: Windows, Mac. Release notes.

2005.12.29 Tom Igoe developed two prototyping shields for Arduino, one with a small breadboard and the other with solder holes. details

2005.11.29 Nako wrote a nice article about the London workshop and the Arduino project for the Ravensbourne College post-graduate magazine.

2005.11.21 New pictures from Vancouver SFU's Interactivity Lab available in our gallery

2005.11.13 24 hours workshop people This week Arduino workshops are held simultaneously at SFU in Vancouver - Canada and at K3 in Malmö - Sweden, we will be rocking around the clock.

2005.11.08 The Milan workshop is also going ahead. send an email to workshop [at] potemkin [dot] org for more info.

2005.11.07 Finally we moved all our committments out of the way and the London workshop is going ahead. It will take place in West London between Friday 25 and Sunday 27 included. Please email workshop [at] potemkin [dot] org for details and register.

2005.11.06 Arduino will be presented at DXARTS, Washington University, Nov 16, 2005.

2005.11.01 The website competition is over. We'll announce the results soon. stay tuned.

2005.10.26 the Arduino project can be found from now on under the domain name:, with CC as in Creative Commons.

2005.10.06 Arduino 0002 is now available. Mac OS X or Windows or read the release notes. Warning: the default serial port speed (baud rate) for uploading code has changed; to use Arduino 0002 with an older board, select "9600" from the Tools | Serial port speed menu.

2005.10.01 We have developed a Bio-sensor "shield". This board is able to read the heart rate and galvanic skin response of two people at the same time. details

2005.10.01 Our manufacturer has 1000 blank pcbs ready for you to order.

2005.09.29 Arduino website competition! Redesign the arduino website (and a logo if you are feeling generous) and win 3 pre-assembled arduino boards and 10 blank PCBs. Details

2005.09.26 The Processing developers linked Arduino from their site

2005.09.21 Today we put 1000 Arduino boards in the oven, get ready for the workshops guys!

2005.09.16 We have opened a wish list for the future versions of arduino. You can see the current list at FeatureWishList

2005.09.09 Arduino gallery opened. See pictures of the board in action.

2005.09.07 Students at Malmo K3 have assembled a number of Arduino boards as part of their class on Physical Computing.

2005.09.01 The pre-assembled USB Arduino boards are now available. If you want to buy some contact the manufacturer directly at g.martino at Thanks to Gianluca Martino for the continuous help.

2005.08.30 The new IDE (based on Processing) is ready. Download it for Mac OS X and Windows (with Java | without Java).

2005.08.23 Marcos Yarza of the University of Zaragoza started a project that will create a Zigbee wireless extension modules for Arduino.

2005.08.18 Tom Igoe and his colleagues have assembled a number of Arduino boards at ITP yesterday. See the pictures.

2005.08.18 Arduino is the official platform at K3 Malmo. It was published on the last issue of the official magazine with a picture of the boards (photo in the gallery).

2005.07.21 New web forum opened.