Browse the wide range of official Arduino boards, shields, kits and accessories.
The newly introduced Galileo board from Intel is part of the Arduino Certified product line.
Take a look at the ArduinoAtHeart program and products, designed for makers and companies wanting to make their products easily recognizable as based on the Arduino technology.

BOARDS (Compare Specs)



Arduino Uno

Arduino Leonardo

Arduino GSM Shield

The Arduino Starter Kit

Arduino Due

Arduino Yún

Arduino Ethernet Shield

Arduino Materia 101

Arduino Tre

Arduino Zero

Arduino WiFi Shield


Arduino Micro

Arduino Esplora

Arduino Wireless SD Shield

TFT LCD screen

Arduino Mega ADK

Arduino Ethernet

Arduino USB Host Shield

USB/Serial Light Adapter

Arduino Mega 2560

Arduino Robot

Arduino Motor Shield

Arduino ISP

Arduino Mini

Arduino Nano

Arduino Wireless Proto Shield

Mini USB/Serial Adapter

Arduino Gemma

LilyPad Arduino Simple

LilyPad Arduino SimpleSnap

Arduino Proto Shield

LilyPad Arduino

LilyPad Arduino USB

Arduino Pro Mini

Arduino Fio

Arduino Pro

Note: The reference designs for arduino are distributed under a Creative Commons license Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5. See So you want to make an Arduino? for more information and guidelines on producing your own hardware.

Looking for an older board?

The hardware index lists all the Arduino boards made and the differences between them.

Recommended Third-Party Hardware

Products from others that we've tried and liked; compatible with the Arduino software.

  • Boarduino from Adafruit Industries. For use in bread-boards with FTDI USB-to-TTL-Serial cable or other USB-to-serial adapter. Available as a bare PCB or in kit form.

Other Related Hardware

Also check out the community-maintained list of related hardware on the playground.