Now add the rest of the small capacitors and resistors, as follows:

  • R1, 10Kohms (brown-black-orange-gold)
  • R7, 1Kohm (brown-black-red-gold)
  • R9, 1Kohm (brown-black-red-gold)
  • R10, 1Kohm (brown-black-red-gold)
  • C1, 100nF (0.1uF)
  • C2, 22pF
  • C3, 22pF
  • C5, 100nF (0.1uF)

Now your board will look like this:

Next, acc the big capacitors, the diode, the reset switch, and the microcontroller crystal, as follows:

  • C6, 100uF
  • C7, 100uF
  • D1, 1N4004
  • S1, switch
  • Q1, 16MHz crystal

Make sure the diode is facing the correct direction. The silver band on the diode should face the top of the board, as in the photo below: