Arduino workshops

From time to time we organise hands-on workshops where people can learn from one of us how to use arduino and get started with physical computing.

We have a web repository for materials to be used in our workshops. This includes mirror copies of software, drivers, examples, etc. Check it out at:

Here is a list of the past workshops (for see the homepage for upcoming ones):


10 Jul, 2010 Arduino Barcamp by RS Electronics in Oxford (UK), part of the team will be present!


25 Nov - 5 Dec, 2009 Music Workshop in Mexico DF by D. Cuartielles

28 and 29 March, 2009 Workshop su Arduino a Milano, Italia

7 March, 2009 Flash and Physical Computing in Boston, US

5-6 March, 2009 16KB of Sound by BlushingBoy at Arteleku, Spain

22 February, 2009 Arduino class at the TechShop, San Francisco, US

21 February, 2009 Arduino starting class at the Hacktory, Philly, US

9-27 February, 2009 Computacion Fisica at Protolab, Tijuana, Mexico

5-9 January, 2009 Basic and Advanced Arduino Winter Workshops by 1scale1 in Malmo, Sweden


16, 17, 23, 24 November, 2008 Intro to Microcontrollers with Arduino at Machine Project in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

11, 18, 25 November and 9 December, 2008, Arduino - Make Things Move workshop in Seattle, WA, USA.

1 November 2008, Little Bird Advanced Arduino Workshop in Sidney

25 October 2008, Little Bird Arduino Workshop in Melbourne

18-19 October 2008, Basic Arduino at the Spanish Hackmeeting in Malaga

11 October 2008, Arduino+Processing workshop at EAOD in Santiago de Chile

6-10 October 2008, Basic Arduino workshop by 1scale1 in Atelier Nord, Oslo

4-5 October 2008, Back to school Arduino beginners workshop by in London.

4 October 2008, ArduinoCamp in Milan, Italy at register (free) here

30 September 2008, Conferencia y Taller de Arduino en Bogota, Colombia, read about it on the forum, or on their official site

27-28 September 2008, Arduino and Generative Sound talks by blushingboy at SADI, Seoul

26-28 September 2008, Arduino + Smapler workshop by blushingboy at Nabi Art Center, Seoul

13 September 2008, Arduino Programming 103: Sensory Overload, at NYC Resistor in Brooklyn, NY, USA.

13 September 2008, first online Arduino workshop

18-29 August 2008, Summer in the city: 7 workshops, Arduino (basic, advanced), Physical Gaming, Processing... with T. Igoe, C. Reas, and D. Cuartielles, K3, Malmo, SE.

22, 24 July 2008, Arduino Input/Output with the Danger Shield at the Hacktory in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

12 July 2008, Little Bird Arduino Workshop in Sydney, Australia.

5, 12, 19, 26 July 2008, Taller Plataforma Arduino: Santiago de Chile.

28 June 2008, Little Bird Arduino Workshop in Melbourne, Australia.

18 June 2008, Arduino Audio class at NYC Resistor in Brooklyn.

31 May 2008, Little Bird Arduino Workshop: in Sydney, Australia.

26 May 2008, Intro to Arduino for artists and makers: by the Hacktory, at NTR in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

22-23-24 May, 2008, Physical Computing Workshop at Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey.

10, 17, 24 May 2008, Arduino Programming 101 (hello world), 102 (if funky, get loopy), 103 (sensory overload) at NYC Resistor in New York.

7, 14, 21, 28 May 2008, Robotics for Artists at Willoughby & Baltic in Somerville, MA, USA.

29 April - 1 May 2008, Pimp My Toy (Robotics for Artists II) at Willoughby & Baltic in Somerville, MA, USA.

16-18 April 2008, Arduino + 8bit SID Emulator Workshop Zurich, organised by the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society

15-18 April 2008, Wearables Master Class with Leah Buechley, Maurin Donneaud and Vincent Roudaut at Mediamatic in Amsterdam.

14-18 April 2008, Introduccion al Arte Interactivo (ref. 632007) with Angela Ramos and Yolanda Sp�nola at the University of Sevilla. (more)

6, 13, and 20 April 2008, Robotics for Artists at Willoughby & Baltic in Somerville, MA, USA (sold out).

5-6 April 2008, Arduino + Flash workshop by in London.

1-4 April 2008, From my Output to your Input with loVe workshop at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (ES), by D. Cuartielles.

3 April 2008, Node.London will offer a short intro on Arduino for creating responsive environments.

27 March 2008, Hardware Hacking w/ Arduino at the London Flash Platform User Group.

26 March 2008, Introduction to Arduino (scroll down the page) at InterAccess in Toronto.

12-16 March 2008, Pixelache University will host several talks on Open Hardware, and a short hands-on session, by D. Cuartielles.

12-13 March 2008, Centro Multimedia, Centro Nacional de las Artes de M�xico, workshop Libre y Abierto: Taller de software y hardware libre, more.

8 March 2008 (tentative date), Advanced Physical Computing Experiments (Arduino serial communication class) at the Hacktory in Philadelphia.

3 March 2008, Making Things Talk workshop at the O'Reilly ETech conference in San Diego, taught by Tom Igoe and Brian Jepson.

23-24 February 2008, H3:Beginners Arduino workshop 3 in London (organised by

23 February 2008 (changed from the 9th), Microcontroller experiments for artists and makers at the Hacktory in Philadelphia.

18-24 February 2008, Let�s Get REALLY Physical, a 32 hour workshop at CADA in Lisbon.

16-17 February 2008, Arduino for Artists (in French) with Daniel Jolliffe, at Avatar in Quebec City, Canada.

16-17 February 2008, Microcontroller Progamming for Artists: Introduction to the Arduino System, Level 2 at the LEMURplex in Brooklyn.

9-10 February 2008, Microcontroller Progamming for Artists: Introduction to the Arduino System, Level 1 at the LEMURplex in Brooklyn.

7-8 February 2008, RagTag Workshop, arranged by the Interactive Institute in Stockholm, D. Cuartielles will introduce Arduino.

February 2008, Robotics for Artists at Willoughby & Baltic in Somerville, MA, USA. Once a week for four weeks.

26-27 January 2008, H3 Beginners Arduino workshop in London.

23-25 January 2008, Hybrid Toys Workshop at Mediamatic in Amsterdam with Jean-Baptiste Labrune and Dana Gordon.

23 January 2008, Sketching in Hardware a presentation and improvisational design session by David Vondle at the Chicago Dorkbot.

12-13 January 2008 Toy Hacking Workshop in London with Adam Somlai Fisher and Massimo Banzi.

5, 12 or 9, 16 January 2008 Intro to Microcontrollers with Arduino in Los Angeles.

5 January 2008 Microcontroller experiments for artists and makers at the Hacktory in Philadelphia.


Nov07 - Jan08, weekly Arduino and Processing course at the Digital Research Unit, UK, check this forum thread, or the course's website

8-9 December 2007, H3 Processing + Arduino workshop in London.

8 December 2007 Arduino D.I.Y./D.I.T. in Mexico DF, taught by Lalo Melendez as part of Festival HARDcoded.

November 2007, the guys at Escuela de Artes y Oficios Digitales de Chile are stricking back with their Taller de Gaios only for the toughest ones!

2-3 November, 6 hours introductory workshop in Motreal at the Societ� des Arts Technologiques, more info here

Oct07 - Nov07, Workshop on DIY Arduino boards and PD in Sao Paolo, check this forum thread

6-7 October, Workshop on Arduino and other open tools at Escuela Artes y Oficios Digitales, Chile. For questions check our forum

7 September, Presentation on Open Hardware and Arduino at Linux Chix, Brasil. For questions check our forum

20 - 24 August, Basic Workshop at LABORAL, Gijon, Spain. Details (in Spanish)

30 July - 3 August, Basic Workshop at Centro Cultural de Espa�a in Mexico DF. Details

21 - 22 July, H3, Hardcore Hardware Hacking in London. Read more here or join at event wax

17 - 19 July, Arduino and Puredata in Rosario. Organized by PlanetaX, commissioned by Centro Cultural Parque de Espa�a

10 - 13 July, Arduino Basic Workshop at Centro Cultural de Espa�a, Buenos Aires, Argentina. More info here

26 June - 1 July, Arduino, PD, and Processing Production Camp at gohan, Zaragoza, Spain. Join for free here

16 June, Electric Art Lab, xxxxx workshop #15, pickledfeet, Berlin, Germany. Details

12-23 June, Arduino & PD Workshop at SESC Paulista, S�o Paulo, Brazil. Details

11-15 June (to be confirmed), Basic & Bluetooth Workshop at Mediamatic in Amsterdam. Details

May - October, educational experiments at SADI in Seoul (Korea). Details

Series of workshops in Central- and South America Fall 07, manifest your interest here

10 June, Arduino workshop at NIME 2007 in New York.

26 May, Arduino und PureData at Tweakfest in Z�rich, download the full schedule here (PDF)

18-20 May, Arduino + Processing + Max/MSP at SADI in Seoul, apply here (note, course in English)

9-10 May, Arduino Workshop at the Dana Centre in London as part of the Takeaway Festival. details

3-6 May, Arduino Workshop in Lisbon at Atmosferas

27-29 March, Hacking Arduino - Deep Cuts workshop at Hangar in Barcelona (Spain) Details

24-25 March, Arduino Fever: an introduction to Arduino, at the Mobile Nation Conference in Toronto (Canada) Details

14-16 March, Open Hardware and Social Interventions workshop in Valencia (Spain) Details

12-14 March, Arduino and Pyrotechnics, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Laboratorio de Luz, Valencia, Spain

12-14 March, Arduino Unplugged workshop at Mediamatic, Amsterdam (the Netherlands). Details

20-24 February, Open Hardware and Social Interventions workshop in Zaragoza (Spain) Details

18 February, An Introduction to Microcontrollers for Interactive Media and Art-Technology with Arduino, USC (USA). Details


27 November - 1 December, Dise�o y construcci�n de instrumentos musicales electr�nicos, MediaLab Madrid (Spain). Details

13-19 November, Arduino Workshop at MediaLab Madrid (Spain). Details

10-12 November, Arduino Wearables Workshop at Mediamatic in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). Details

10 November, Sensors Workshop at Bordeaux, France. Details

1-4 November, Physical Computing workshop at .x-med-k. in Brussels, Belgium. Details

27-29 October, Massimo is teaching a 3 day Arduino workshop in Milan on the 27,28,29 October. Details

31 August - 5 September, Electrolobby, Ars Electronica Festival, Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Austria. More info at AEC's website or at the Electrolobby's wiki

26-30 June, Basic Arduino Workshop, Universidad Ramon Llul, ESDI, Barcelona, Spain

17-30 April, Interactivos, Medialab Madrid, open workshop where Arduino will meet Processing, PureData, and other technologies. Documentation here

16-18 March, EMI Musical Instruments, Mlab, Helsinki Medialab

13-15 March, Arduino for Art Installations, Faculty of Arts - Universidad de Cuenca, Spain. Download the documentation (in Spanish) here

1-5 March, Arduino as a Peripheral, Universidad Europea de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

30 January - 3 February, Arduino for Art Installations, Hangar (Can Ricart) and gallery Metronom, Barcelona, Spain (apply)

2 - 13 January, Arduino, Prototyping Tool in Design, Basel, Switzerland


8-12 December, K3 - meeting on Experimental Music Interfaces coordinated by Experiments in Art and Technology Sweden

25-27 November, London

1-4 December, Milan Interaction Design Institue Ivrea Via Watt, 27 - Milano

14-17 November, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, Henrik Vrening has a whole net gallery about this workshop

16 Novemeber, DXARTS, Washington University, Seattle, USA

5-9 October, MediaLabMadrid, check out the pictures

Every Thursday evening in November-December at K3, Malm� University, Sweden, from 5pm and on. Basic Arduino Workgroup

Every Friday evening in November-December at the gallery EAT rev., Copenhagen, Denmark from 6pm and on. Arduino as interface for VJing

if you want to participate or propose a place/time for a possible workshop write to team [at] arduino [dot] cc or post it to the Arduino Forum