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ArduinoBLE : BLECharacteristic class



Read the current value of the characteristic. If the characteristic is on a remote device, a read request will be sent.


bleCharacteristic.readValue(buffer, length)


buffer: byte array to read value into length: size of buffer argument in bytes value: variable to read value into (by reference)


Number of bytes read


  while (peripheral.connected()) {
    // while the peripheral is connected

    // check if the value of the simple key characteristic has been updated
    if (simpleKeyCharacteristic.valueUpdated()) {
      // yes, get the value, characteristic is 1 byte so use byte value
      byte value = 0;


      if (value & 0x01) {
        // first bit corresponds to the right button
        Serial.println("Right button pressed");

      if (value & 0x02) {
        // second bit corresponds to the left button
        Serial.println("Left button pressed");

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