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Low Power library

This library allows you to use the low power features of the SAMD21 MCU. This means your battery-powered projects will have a longer battery life on boards like MKRZero, MKR1000, MKRFox1200, MKR WAN1300, MKR WAN 1310 and MKR NB 1500.

In these pages, the term companion chip is used. This term refers to a board co-processor like the MIPS processor on the Arduino Tian.


  • ExternalWakeup : Demonstrates how to wake your board from an external source like a button.
  • TianStandby : Demonstrates how to put a Tian in standby
  • TimedWakeup : Demonstrates how to put in sleep your board for a certain amount of time

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LowPower class

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