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Starts an auto-calibration of the accelerometer's offset for the axis specified as argument. This procedure should be executed while the board is kept laying flat and motionless. The offset is stored in the IMU registers and can be read with getAccelerometerOffset.


CurieIMU.autoCalibrateAccelerometerOffset(int, axis, int target)


axis: the axis to calibrate. It can assume one of these values:

  • X_AXIS
  • Y_AXIS
  • Z_AXIS

target: it can be 0 or 1. In particular it has to be used in this way:

  • CurieIMU.autoCalibrateAccelerometerOffset(X_AXIS, 0);
  • CurieIMU.autoCalibrateAccelerometerOffset(Y_AXIS, 0);
  • CurieIMU.autoCalibrateAccelerometerOffset(Z_AXIS, 1);

The target for Z is 1 because it represents the vertical force of gravity (1g) that should be read when the board is laying flat.

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