ARDUINO®, and other Arduino brands and logos published in the website are Trademarks of Arduino AG. To the extent a brand, name or logo does not appear on the website does not constitute a waiver of any and all intellectual property rights that Arduino AG has established in any of its product or service names or logos. All Arduino AG Trademarks cannot be used without owner’s formal permission. For information and more details about the proper use of our trademarks, please write to or .

If you have a group, a blog or just an Arduino enthusiast you can use the Arduino Community Logo.

Officially approved boards are sold only by authorised distributors, you can see a list of them here

Please note that Arduino doesn't sell directly on Ebay or Amazon so you should always check that what you're buying is authentic.

If a seller is not listed on our site, chances are that they boards they sell are not original.

The detailed policy can be found here: and here

For any questions regarding trademarks please write to trademark(at)

Selling Arduino compatible products

It is possible to sell boards derived from the Arduino design as long as these rules are followed

  • The product can't contain the name Arduino
  • The board can't have Arduino written anywhere on it
  • The board must not copy the Arduino Logo or graphic design
  • The auction/website title can't use the Arduino name
  • You can write in the description that the board is derived from Arduino.
  • You must explicitly say that you're not connected to Arduino and your product is a derivative
  • You must specify that any tech support request must be directed to you

ie. If you sell a sensor that is compatible with Arduino you can call it "XYZ sensor for Arduino" and NOT "Arduino XYZ Sensor"

The Trademark Team

We have a dedicated team to manage the use of the Arduino Trademark and they can be reached at or .