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Accelerometer Table

This example simplifies the task of collecting data from the Esplora's accelerometer and graphing it with your computer. The Esplora sends keypresses to a connected computer about the state of the accelerometer. If you open a spreadsheet application, you can log the data from the accelerometer.

To start and stop the datalogging, press the down pushbutton. The Esplora's LED will indicate the state of the logging. The slider is used to set the sampling interval.

Hardware Required

  • Arduino Esplora


Only your Arduino Esplora is needed for this example.

Esplora datalogging setup


In this example, the Esplora acts as a keyboard; once the you press the down button, it will send characters to a connected computer.

The characters sent to the computer are formatted to fit inside a spreadsheet's rows and colums. Each row of the spreadheet will contain a timestamp and the 3 accelerometer axis readings.

To start sampling, press the direction down push-button. This begins communication as a keyboard with the computer. Changing the position of the linear potentiometer will change the rate at which samples are read from the accelerometer and written to the computer.

The RGB led is blue when the Esplora is ready, but not sending data. Once the down button is pressed, the LED will turn green. While the Esplora is sending samples to the speradsheet the LED will turn red.

Clicking the button again will stop the Esplora from sending data.

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