Foundations Page Discussion

The Foundations page is intended to supplement the material in the examples and reference, providing more in-depth explanations of the underlying functionality and principles involved.

These pages are cross-linked with the applicable language reference, example, and other pages, providing a single source for people looking for a longer discussion of a particular topic.

This section is a work in progress, and there are many topics yet to be covered. Here's a rough list of ideas:

    • conditionals
    • loops
    • functions
    • numbers and arithmetic
    • bits and bytes
    • characters and encodings
    • arrays
    • strings

    • voltage, current, and resistance
    • resistive sensors
    • capacitors
    • transistors
    • power
    • noise

    • serial communication
    • i2c (aka twi)
    • bluetooth

    • reset
    • pins and ports
    • interrupts

If you see anything in the list that interests you, feel free to take a shot at writing it up. Don't worry if it's not finished or polished, we can always edit and improve it. You can post works-in-progress to the playground and mention them on the forum. Also, be sure to let us know if you think there's anything that we've forgotten, or if you have other suggestions.

Foundations Page