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Examples > Make Voice Call

Using the GSM Shield to Make Calls

This example shows how to use the GSM Shield and Library to make voice calls. Please click here for more information on the GSM library.


Examples > GSM library

Receive SMS

This sketch waits for a SMS message and prints it to the serial monitor. It requires an Arduino with a connected GSM shield and SIM card.

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The code below is configured for use with a GSM/GPRS shield. In the variable declaration area, you need to instantiate both the GSM and GSMVoiceCall classes. Inside setup(), call GSM.begin(), with the PINNUMBER of your SIM card as parameter. GSM.begin() will return whether the shield managed to connect to the GSM network or not.

In the loop(), the input from the Serial Monitor is used to tell the GSM Shield a phone number to call to. The code waits until the call is over before performing any other actions.

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