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Hello User

This sketch is the first thing you see when starting the robot. It gives you a warm welcome, shows you some of its really amazing features, and lets you personalize some data.

Hardware Required

  • Arduino Robot


  1. Upload the example, you can keep the USB plugged.
  2. After the starting screen, you'll see a sequence of slides, read through them to see how this example works.
  3. When it comes to the input step, a virtual keyboard will show up on the bottom half of the TFT.
  4. You can use the knob and buttons to select your input.
    1. Use the knob to select key
    2. Press the middle button to input the key selected
    3. Press left/right buttons to move the cursor around
    4. When you're done with an input, input "Enter" on the virtual keyboard
    5. If you want to erase a character, move the cursor to the desired position, and input an empty space to make it disappear.
  5. There's a secret hidden in this example, find it out!

Try it out

Fill in your and the robot's names while listening to music


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