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You can make your own gallery/picture show with help of the Robot. Put some pictures in the SD card, start the sketch, and you can see them showing up on the LCD. Use left and right button on the D-pad to go the previous or next image. Press up or down to enter the "tilt navigation" mode.

Hardware Required

  • Arduino Robot
  • Some pictures on the SD card


  1. Upload the example. You can keep the USB plugged in for power.
  2. After the starting screen, you will see some instructions about the sketch.
  3. A picture from the gallery will show up on the screen.
  4. Press left/right/middle to navigate through the pictures
  5. Press up/down to change the mode, you'll see the current mode showing up on top of the screen.
  6. In tilt control mode, rotate your robot to navigate the gallery.
  7. If you want to add your own pictures, make them 128*160, 24-bit bmp. Name them as "PicN.bmp" (where N is a number 1-9) and copy them onto the sd card.
  8. The program only supports 10 pictures, Pic0.bmp to Pic9.bmp. Want to add more? Improve the program yourself!

Try it out

Browse pictures with the left and right buttons

You can change the picture navigation mode by pressing the down button and tilt the robot to check the next picture.

Browse pictures tilting the robot


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