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Remote Control

This example is considered experimental, you will need to install the IR-Remote library by Ken Shirriff on your IDE for it to run, read the code for more information

If you connect a IR remote receiver to the robot, you can control it like controlling your TV set. Take a Sony compatible remote controller, map some buttons to different actions, and you can make the robot move around without touching it!

Hardware Required

  • Arduino Robot
  • Infrared sensor
  • cable to connect the sensor
  • Sony compatible remote control


  1. Connect the IR sensor to TKD2 on the top board, using the cable provided.
  2. Fix the sensor on the board
  3. Upload the example, unplug USB and turn on power
  4. After the starting screen, use the remote control to send it commands
  5. Press the buttons you've coded to move the robot.
  6. You can see received signals and commands (if recognized) on the LCD.
  7. If you want to customize your commands:
    1. Press the buttons on remote control and write down the values showing up on LCD.
    2. Locate these lines in the example code:
      #define IR_CODE_FORWARD 0x2C9B
      #define IR_CODE_BACKWARDS 0x6C9B
      #define IR_CODE_TURN_LEFT 0xD4B8F
      #define IR_CODE_TURN_RIGHT 0x34B8F
    3. Change the values here to the ones you saw on the screen.

Try it out

Use the remote control with the robot


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