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The Rescue challenge in robotics consists of getting your robot to follow a line until it reaches a location where it will perform a task. In this case, the robot makes it to an obstacle, pushes it out of the way, and continues along.

Hardware Required

  • Arduino Robot
  • Large paper
  • Thick black marker
  • Obstacles, like empty cans, or not too-heavy toys
  • "victim" objects


  1. To prepare the track, follow the instructions in line following example. There are a few differences:
    1. Add some end lines for the robot to stop. Create a gap in the line, and draw a rectangle about the size of the robot in the gap.
    2. Put the "victim" object inside the rectangle.
  2. Upload the example, unplug USB and turn on power.
  3. Put robot on the track, on the line.
  4. The robot will start following the line, and push the victim out of its location
  5. If the robot does not follow the line well, see lineFollowConfig() for details on calibration.

Try it out

First, draw your racing track, adding the stops (perpendicular lines) for the robot to know where the obstacles will be.

Use a marker to design your racing track

Place your obstacles on the track. The robot can push some weight, like empty soda cans or small plastic toys make for good obstacles.

Place the obstacles

Put the robot on the track and turn it on to see if it can solve the challenge.

Put the robot to run

In front of an obstacle, the robot slows down, starts pushing the object, backs up and starts racing again.

Robot pushing the obstacle away


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