Arduino Hardware

Arduino has over the years released over 100 hardware products: boards, shields, carriers, kits and other accessories. In this page, you will find an overview of all active Arduino hardware, including the Nano, MKR and Classic families.




Kits are a great way to get started with Arduino. The classic Starter Kit includes an Arduino UNO R3, a large set of electronic components, and a physical book with 15 chapters to help you get started.

The Oplà IoT Kit includes the components needed to build amazing IoT projects, and the Sensor Kit includes a set of great plug-and-play sensors and actuators. These kits also have their own dedicated content platform, with several cool projects to follow step by step.

starter kit opla iot kit sensor kit
Arduino Starter KitArduino Oplà IoT KitArduino Sensor Kit

Nano Family

The Nano Family is a set of boards with a tiny footprint, packed with features. It ranges from the inexpensive, basic Nano Every, to the more feature-packed Nano 33 BLE Sense / Nano RP2040 Connect that has Bluetooth® / Wi-Fi® radio modules. These boards also have a set of embedded sensors, such as temperature/humidity, pressure, gesture, microphone and more. They can also be programmed with MicroPython and supports Machine Learning.

Want to know more about the Nano Family? Click the link below to discover all boards in more detail, along with a comparison table!

nano 33 iot nano rp2040 connect nano esp32 nano ble sense
Arduino Nano 33 IoTArduino Nano RP2040 ConnectArduino Nano ESP32Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense
nano ble nano every nano nano motor carrier
Arduino Nano 33 BLEArduino Nano EveryArduino NanoArduino Nano Motor Carrier

MKR Family

The MKR Family is a series of boards, shields & carriers that can be combined to create amazing projects without any additional circuitry. Each board is equipped with a radio module (except MKR Zero), that enables Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, LoRa®, Sigfox®, NB-IoT communication. All boards in the family are based on the Arm® Cortex®-M0 32-bit SAMD21 low power processor, and are equipped with a crypto chip for secure communication.

The MKR Family shields & carriers are designed to extend the functions of the board: such as environmental sensors, GPS, Ethernet, motor control and RGB matrix.


mkr 1000 wifi mkr wifi 1010 mkr fox 1200
Arduino MKR 1000 WiFiArduino MKR WiFi 1010Arduino MKR FOX 1200
mkr wan 1300 mkr wan 1310 mkr gsm 1400
Arduino MKR WAN 1300Arduino MKR WAN 1310Arduino MKR GSM 1400
mkr nb 1500 mkr vidor 4000 mkr zero
Arduino MKR NB 1500Arduino MKR Vidor 4000Arduino MKR Zero


mkr env shield r2 mkr gps shield mkr imu shield
Arduino MKR ENV Shield Rev2Arduino MKR GPS ShieldArduino MKR IMU Shield
mkr rgb shield mkr therm shield mkr eth shield
Arduino MKR RGB ShieldArduino MKR Therm ShieldArduino MKR ETH Shield
mkr 485 shield mkr can shield mkr mem shield
Arduino MKR 485 ShieldArduino MKR CAN ShieldArduino MKR MEM Shield

Classic Family

In the Classic Family, you will find boards such as the legendary Arduino UNO and other classics such as the Leonardo & Micro. These boards are considered the backbone of the Arduino project, and have been a success for many years (and more to come).


uno r4 minima uno r4 wifi uno leonardo
Arduino UNO R4 MinimaArduino UNO R4 WiFiArduino UNO R3Arduino Leonardo
uno mini le micro zero uno wifi r2
Arduino UNO Mini Limited EditionArduino MicroArduino ZeroArduino UNO WiFi Rev2


motor shield 4 relay shield ethernet shield
Arduino Motor Shield Rev3Arduino 4 Relays ShieldArduino Ethernet Shield Rev2

Mega Family

In the Mega family, you will find the boards for the projects that demand lots of computing power and GPIO pins.

mega due giga display shield
Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3Arduino DueArduino GIGA R1 WiFiArduino GIGA Display Shield


To view all retired Arduino products, please visit our Legacy Documentation page. This includes all legacy products, getting started guides and other documentation that is considered legacy.