Arduino Community Logo

How to use it

A Trademark is a symbol, word, or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product. It is intended to identify a specific source of goods or services, protecting that source from confusion in the minds of consumers with other sources.

The Arduino Logo is a Trademark and can only be used by Arduino on products, websites and publications.

As our community is big and growing fast we are starting a series of initiatives to create the opportunity of different levels of engagement and participation.

We want to make sure people can identify projects, initiatives and activities coming directly from Arduino but also what comes from the passionate community around the globe, self-organizing local activities and/or online content focused on Arduino.

That’s why we created Arduino Community Logo!

We want to foster the spirit of our mission giving communities and individuals the opportunity to continue organizing locally or globally, online or offline around Arduino, being recognizable as part of this amazing spontaneous community.

You can use the Arduino Community Logo to identify your local group, as it is or adding the name of your group (see below for examples).

custom area

The customised logo can be used on:

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Blog
  • Meetup
  • or any public platform you are using to self-organize and communicate

or any type of self-organized offline promotional material around your Arduino local community, for example:

  • flyer
  • poster
  • badge
  • t-shirt
  • gadgets

The Arduino Community Logo can NOT be used on products or services that are sold commercially and in no case on electronic boards (also non commercial).


This is the new official Arduino Community logo.

You are free to take and modify it for your own use following the customization guidelines listed below.


We designed the logo to allow the personalization of the lower-right part in order to provide a free space to add the name of your group or organization on.

logo 1 line

1 line name

logo 2 lines

2 lines name

logo 3 lines

3 lines name

Suggested colors

You are free to use any color but we suggest the following palette:

logo palette

Here are the hexadecimal values:

TealLight TealOrangeYellowBrown

The logo itself is subject to the Creative Commons license CC-SA-BY-NC 3.0