Open source industry solutions with IDT

IDT found in Arduino the perfect partner to create solid, reliable and easy to integrate hardware and software

Making complex systems easy to use with open technologies

IDT is a system integrator that develop automation solutions for installation in the production line. The end customers for IDT’s solutions are tier 1 and tier 2 automotive sub suppliers, who’ve typically located their facilities close to the car manufacturer’s plants around the globe. Thus, nearly every solution is custom made, with every machine designed to meet the customer’s unique requirements.

Creating solutions based on unconventional systems is always a challenge. Most companies rely on traditional large closed solutions, which limits the flexibility of the final product and makes it almost impossible to independently refine or tweak the process without requiring help from external consultancy companies.

Main project requirements

IDT were set the challenge of developing solutions which were easier and faster to implement, whilst at the same time being both robust and reliable. The real benefit is to have a package that is easily configurable, with a clear owner of the solution - the customer.

Industrial automation with Arduino

IDT’s product range includes an assembly machine for the plastic parts used automotive interiors, a “Poka Yoke” machine for production control, and an ultrasonic welding machine for use with or without robots. The “Poka Yoke” machines are created to avoid mistakes during the manufacturing process, with the name originating from the Japanese words for avoid (yokeru) and mistakes (poka).

Every assembly machine is installed within the network of the end customer to facilitate data management and uses modern language (rather than proprietary software). This makes it easy to find technicians to manage the machine and apply process improvements in the future. IDT tested a number of different options over the past three years, ultimately opting for the Arduino proposal that utilised Arduino boards for machine control and the Raspberry Pi for the operator panel.

Although IDT developed every solution independently, they are increasingly working closer and closer with Arduino to find the best solution between market needs and technical solutions. Leveraging both the power of the Arduino community, as well as the expertise of the Arduino technical support team when necessary.

"IDT found in Arduino the perfect partner to create solid, reliable and easy to integrate hardware and software."


All projects and products that IDT create have to use the latest software

IDT also takes an open technical approach to both software and hardware, as well as being flexible and reliable.

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