Restart Business

Adapt & transform your business with Arduino to the world with COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the way we interact with people, things, and the world around us.

While Arduino continues to support the urgent demand for medical equipment, we’re also working with businesses quickly adapting to survive in this new economic landscape by delivering products and services that contribute to rebuilding everyday life.

The Arduino platform provides customisable options to quickly transform your business for the world with covid. Arduino can be used to monitor the working environment to ensure social distancing in either a factory or office space. Alternatively if you are looking to overhaul your business to a service based model in a quick cost effective manner then Arduino is the platform for you.

  • Hand Sanitizer Dispensers - converting to a connected SaaS fleet model As companies and retailers around the globe are seeking hand sanitizer dispensers on a large scale to locate at the front of their stores & premises, Arduino can provide the total solution. Hardware to enable control the contact less dispensing of the sanitizer, and Cloud based applications to monitor fluid levels and advice when replacement sanitizer will be required across a fleet of sanitizers for business customers.
  • Customer Footfall Monitors - traffic light systems for entering a store Rapidly build a customer sensing solution for your store to automatically calculate and inform people if it is safe to enter the store. Using bluetooth the Arduino platform can detect and calculate the number of people inside a store / office space via their mobile phone. Customer volume levels are constantly monitored and uploaded to the Arduino Cloud; where based upon preset safety parameters (no. of people to area of space) the solution automatically controls a traffic light system located above the main entrance - ‘Green’ safe to enter, ‘Red’ do not enter - based upon the numbers entering and leaving the store. As the Arduino hardware has no onboard memory, it will not record and store any individual’s details, hence the solution is free of any privacy / big brother concerns - it simply monitors the number of people in the store and advises those outside if it is safe to enter.

We’ll help you integrate these capabilities into your application in a fully customisable fashion. When your solution has been delivered to the market, the Arduino platform gives you a simple way to provision, monitor, manage and visualize data from the devices in the field.

If your business is looking to add touchless interfaces, social distancing enablement & enforcement, or queue management - using standalone sensors or distributed systems - Arduino’s low-code approach has helped thousands of professional users and companies to go from concept to fully functioning solution in days.

Connected and Secure Hardware

Having an intelligent, connected product opens the door for you to offer new services to your customers by managing your assets in the field. With intuitive and rapidly composable software and hardware the Arduino MKR family helps you quickly build customised solutions to address the unique challenges COVID-19 has suddenly presented to your business.

The modular approach of the Arduino MKR family means you can quickly create a connected system by choosing one of the pre-certified microcontroller boards with a choice of integrated Wi-Fi®, Cellular, Sigfox®, or LoRa® connectivity. By adding shields you can quickly expand the capability of the platform by bridging to existing systems using the RS-485, CAN, Ethernet MKR shields or adding sensors and actuators using the MKR carriers. Every Arduino MKR microcontroller board is based on an industry standard Arm® Cortex®-M0+ microcontroller, features a dedicated cryptoauthentication chip for secure deployment, and has a rechargeable battery connector to enable quick creation of a wireless sensor device.

Industry standard capabilities with Arduino ease-of-use

Despite the industry strength features the Arduino MKR family is still supported by the easy-to-use Arduino IDE and is supported by a world-leading community and a wealth of software libraries spanning hundreds of sensors, connectivity protocols, DSP algorithms and more.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Services

Ready to transform your idea into production? After you’ve got your prototype built, the Arduino Pro team is here to help you turn your product into a reality. With access to supply chain services, SMT manufacturing facilities in Europe & Asia, testing houses, and fulfilment & packaging suppliers we can bring your Arduino based solution to market in no time.

Arduino Pro is here to help your business transform and open safely