Arduino Opta: microPLC with Industrial IoT Capabilities
Arduino Opta: microPLC with Industrial IoT Capabilities

Discover easy and flexible industrial and building automation, with Arduino’s micro PLC developed in partnership with Finder

The secure, easy-to-use micro PLC with Industrial IoT capabilities, supporting Arduino programming experience and PLC standard languages.

Designed in partnership with Finder, leading industrial and building automation device manufacturer, Arduino Opta allows professionals to scale up automation projects while taking advantage of the open and widely known Arduino ecosystem.

Its powerful STM32H747XI dual-core Arm® Cortex®-M7 +M4 MCU allows users to perform real-time control, monitoring and implement predictive maintenance applications. Secure and durable by design, it supports OTA firmware updates and ensures data security from the hardware to the Cloud thanks to the onboard secure element and X.509 Standard compliance. All while maintaining Arduino Pro’s signature easy deployment in production thanks to a vast range of readily available software libraries and Arduino sketches. Last but not least, various connectivity options make keeping everything under control effortless via real-time dashboards combined with the intuitive Arduino Cloud (or third-party services).

Program it with the Arduino PLC IDE!

The Arduno PLC IDE makes PLC programming easy. Choose any of the 5 programming languages defined by the IEC 61131-3 standard (Ladder, Functional Block Diagram, Structured Text, Sequential Function Chart or Instruction List) and quickly code PLC applications or port existing ones to Arduino Opta or Portenta Machine Control.

Key Benefits

  • Easy and fast software development, starting from ready-to-use Arduino sketches, tutorials and libraries
  • Optional support for standard IEC 61131-3 PLC languages
  • Fieldbus integration via Modbus TCP (Ethernet) and Modbus RTU (serial RS485)
  • Seamless IoT connectivity (Ethernet/Wi-Fi®/Bluetooth® Low Energy)
  • Real-time remote monitoring via intuitive Arduino Cloud dashboards (or third-party services)
  • Security at the hardware level thanks to onboard secure element and X.509 Standard compliance
  • Secure OTA firmware updates and Cloud device management
  • High-power relay switching (4 x 2.3 kW)
  • Reliable by design, thanks to industrial certifications and Finder’s expertise in switching technology
  • Easy to install, with DIN rail compatibility

A powerful and reliable processor for real-time operations and predictive maintenance


Pair with the Arduino PLC IDE to easily program with any of the 5 IEC 61131-3 languages


Get to work quickly, with Arduino’s ease-of-use, flexibility and extensive software libraries


Choose the best configuration for your industrial or building automation needs


With onboard secure element, X.509 Standard compliance, and regular cybersecurity assessments

Choose the best configuration for your next industrial-level automation project

Opta is available in three variants with incremental features:

  • Opta Lite: with Ethernet onboard and USB-C® programming ports (SKU: AFX00003)
  • Opta RS485: which also adds RS485 half duplex connectivity interface (SKU: AFX00001)
  • Opta WiFi: the most versatile option, featuring also Wi-Fi®/Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity (SKU: AFX00002)

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Arduino Opta brings industrial and building automation within anyone’s reach

There is no limit to the applications you can think of, integrating a solid and reliable micro PLC with your existing machines, devices and production lines – also in combination with other elements in the modular and versatile Arduino ecosystem, from small and smart sensor-packed modules to SOMs to gateways, for end-to-end solutions that can be customized to meet any need.

Secure and durable by design, it supports OTA firmware updates and ensures data security from the hardware to the Cloud thanks to the onboard secure element and X.509 Standard compliance.

Boost industrial automation

Opta can be combined with load cells or vision systems to manage manufacturing flow, ensuring boxes are properly filled as they move along conveyor belts. It can perform clock synchronization via Network Time Protocol (NTP) and automatically print time information on product labels or packaging. It can enable real-time monitoring – locally via an HMI, using Bluetooth® Low Energy, or remotely by connecting to the Arduino Cloud – using custom dashboards to ensure manufacturing processes run smoothly. You can even prevent issues by implementing predictive maintenance, thanks to Opta’s computing power and machine learning algorithms, able to detect anomalies.

Make buildings and offices smart

Roller blinds, sun shields, irrigation systems, electrical devices and HVAC systems can all be easily and securely connected, operated remotely and even automatized, depending on simple variables like the day of the week or time, or on complex calculations based on the information gathered from air quality sensors, weather forecasts, energy consumption patterns and more. This allows not only for better comfort and quality of life, but also for a lower carbon footprint and savings on the electricity bill.

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