Sense the future of Smart Agriculture
Sense the future of Smart Agriculture

Control and monitor outdoor environments from everywhere while leveraging AI on the edge

Edge Control, a remote monitoring and control solution, optimized for outdoor environments.

The Edge Control can be positioned anywhere and is suitable for precision farming, smart agriculture, and other applications requiring intelligent control in remote locations. Power can be either supplied via solar panel or DC input.

Remotely control your application through the Arduino Cloud (or third-party services) using a choice of connectivity options suitable to the location. The Edge Control features built-in Bluetooth® and its connectivity can be expanded with 2G/3G/CatM1/NB-IoT modems, LoRa®, Sigfox®, and Wi-Fi® by adding any one of the MKR boards.

The Edge Control is capable of connecting sensors and drive actuators like latching valves (common in agriculture). Moreover, it has the capability to provide real-time monitoring over the entire process, thereby reducing production-related risks.

Particularly suited to smart agriculture, the sensors can collect real-time data such as weather conditions, soil quality, crop growth, amongst others. Once sent to the Arduino Cloud, the data value chain becomes valuable analytics that supports business processes at various levels (e.g. crop yield, equipment efficiency, staff performance, etc.). The Edge Control has the capability to improve crop quality and reduce human effort/error by automating processes like irrigation, fertilization, or pest control.

Read more about Edge Control's features, application examples, schematics, connectors and other technical aspects in its datasheet. To learn more about how you can use the Edge Control, check out how to get started.


Collect real-time data from smart sensors


Right where things happen


Remote locations via the Cloud


As well as a backup battery

Protect your module and visualize sensor data in real time

The Arduino Edge Control Enclosure Kit is the perfect companion for Edge Control. It is IP40-certified and DIN Rail compatible, meaning it can easily fit in a suitable cabinet. Featuring a 2-row display with white backlight and a programmable push-button, the Edge Control Enclosure Kit can be highly customized to instantly visualize sensor data, such as weather conditions and soil parameters. To find out more, visit our Store.

Automated Greenhouses
Automated Greenhouses

Automatically manage the humidity and temperature to ensure the best environment for crop growth, minimising carbon emissions and increasing economic yield. The inclusion of an Arduino MKR GPS Shield allows for optimum crop rotation planning and acquisition of geospatial data.


Since hydroponics involves the growth of plants without soil, delicate care must be taken to maintain the conditions required for optimum growth. The Edge Control can be set-up to control these conditions with minimal manual labour. The Edge Control can help match the even higher requirements of Aquaponics, by providing automated control over the internal process and reducing production risks.

 Mushroom Cultivation

Mushrooms are notorious for requiring the perfect temperature and humidity conditions to sustain spore growth, while also preventing competing fungi from growing. Thanks to the numerous watermark sensors, output ports and connectivity options available on the Edge Control, this precision farming can be achieved on an unprecedented level.

PROCESSOR 64 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4F (with FPU)
I/O 6x edge sensitive wake up pins, 16x hydrostatic watermark sensor input, 8x 0-5 V analog inputs, 4x 4-20 mA inputs, 8x latching relay command outputs with drivers, 8x latching relay command outputs without drivers, 4x 60 V/2.5 A galvanically isolated solid state relays, 6x 18 pin plug in terminal block connectors
MEMORY 1 MB onboard Flash memory, 2 MB onboard QSPI Flash memory, SD Card slot
CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi®, 3G, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN® (*Requires Arduino MKR board)
POWER Low power (up to 34 months on a 12V /5 Ah battery), 12 V acid/lead battery supply recharged via solar panels, Lithium battery backup
DIMENSIONS 86 mm x 104 mm
OPERATING TEMPERATURES -40 °C to +85 °C (-40 °F to 185 °F)