SparkFun BNO08x Cortex Based IMU


Library for the SparkFun Qwiic VR IMU - BNO080/BNO085/BNO086
An Arduino Library for the BNO08x IMU. The BNO08x IMU has a combination triple axis accelerometer/gyro/magnetometer packaged with an ARM Cortex M0+ running powerful algorithms. This enables the BNO08x Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to produce accurate rotation vector headings with an error of 5 degrees or less. It's what we've been waiting for: all the sensor data is combined into meaningful, accurate IMU information. Available at:

Author: SparkFun Electronics

Maintainer: SparkFun Electronics

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This library is compatible with all architectures so you should be able to use it on all the Arduino boards.


To use this library, open the Library Manager in the Arduino IDE and install it from there.