Capacitive touch wheels and sliders using only 2-3 analog pins!
The TouchWheel library scans 3 touch pads, when put in a circle this allows for a touch wheel that can detect clockwise and counterclockwise finger movement. The 3 pads can be repeated any number of times for higher resolution touch wheels. 9 and 12 pad wheels with a 1.7" diameter work very well. TouchSliders use 2 analog pins and 2 pads.

Author: Ben Hencke

Maintainer: Ben Hencke

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This library is compatible with the avr architecture so you should be able to use it on the following Arduino boards:

Compatibility Note

Note: while the library is supposed to compile correctly on these architectures, it might require specific hardware features that may be available only on some boards.


To use this library, open the Library Manager in the Arduino IDE and install it from there.