WiFi101 - WiFi.setPins()


WiFi.setPins() allows you to override the default pins used to interface with the WINC1500 WiFi chip. When using the WiFi101 library with the WiFi101 shield or MKR1000 there is no need call WiFi.setPins() as the correct pins are configured by the library.

It MUST be called before using any other WiFi101 operations such as WiFi.status() or WiFi.begin() to take effect.


WiFi.setPins(chipSelect, irq, reset, enable)


chipSelect: new chip select pin to use, must be connected to SPI SS pin of the WINC1500

irq: new interrupt pin to use, must be connected to the IRQ pin of the WINC1500

reset: new reset pin to use, must be connected to the RESET pin of the WINC1600

enable: new enable pin to use, connected to the EN of the WINC1500, use -1 if not connected