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Distiamo is the most advanced distancing and contact tracing solution for your workplace

Why choose Distiamo?

Distiamo is the physical distancing and contact tracing solution that allows you to manage COVID-19 measures in your workplace. Whatever your needs, whatever happens, Distiamo has you covered.


Distiamo is easy to configure, customize and manage.


A cost-effective, hybrid system that lets you invest in the accuracy you need, only where you need it.


With Distiamo, people’s safety does not come at the expense of their privacy.


Worker health & safety beyond COVID - emergency evacuation tracking, person down and maximum occupancy monitoring.

Rules meet flexibility

From “you’re too close” instant alerts to all the information you need to handle contact tracing if a positive case comes up, Distiamo complies and adapts to evolving regulations, meets your workplace’s specific needs, and ensures you are doing your part to keep people safe.

Designed to comply with evolving regulations, Distiamo is easy to configure, customize and manage.


How exactly does it work?
Step #1

Use the online planning tool to analyze your space, calculate the number of Locators required and pinpoint their ideal position.

Step #2

Identify any partitions – such as glass or PMMA panels – to prevent false positives when people are close but still safely separated.

Step #3

Customize minimum distance and maximum time thresholds: Distiamo will alert users as soon as they get too close, and record instances when both limits are breached.

Step #4

Provide your employees, visitors or clients with an anonymous Tag: add it to customized bracelets, staff badges, key rings etc.

Step #5

Use the Distiamo dashboard to analyze raw data gathered from Tags and manage contact tracing through statistics, graphs and more.

Revise as needed: easily adapt distance and time thresholds based on current regulations, guidelines or your own needs.

Need more technical details?

Accuracy: The Best of Two Worlds

Distiamo can operate in two modes: fine-grain and coarse-grain measurement, depending on the layout, staff density and dynamics of your workplace. Even better: you can mix and match modes and seamlessly transition from one to the other. From factories to offices, Distiamo has been designed for any workplace or public gathering space, for the safety of your employees and customers.

Distiamo is a hybrid system delivering high accuracy where you need it, and lower costs where you don’t.

Need more technical details?

Tailor-made solutions for your needs
Work in a bustling creative environment with hotdesking, impromptu brainstorming sessions and freelancers coming in?

You’ll want fine-grain measurement:

  • Tag location tracked within 10 centimeters of accuracy
  • Calculate the exact number of Locators required to cover your space (typically two Locators per 40 square meters)
  • System based on Bluetooth® LE AoA (Angle of Arrival) measurements
  • Tags communicate with Locators throughout the space
Manage a factory or distribution center designed for efficiency, with optimized layout and orderly shifts?

Coarse-grain measurement may be what you need:

  • Tag-to-Tag distance measured with 1-meter accuracy
  • Based on Bluetooth® LE RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) measurements
  • Tags communicate with each other or with a central Beacon
  • Data is synched through a Bluetooth® LE Gateway

Run an efficient space where individual deskwork co-exists with a busy foyer and lively cafeteria?

No need to overdo it!

Invest in fine-grain measurement only in higher-traffic areas.

Privacy, Please!

Distiamo is your own physical distancing and contact tracing solution: it does not communicate information to third parties. It only captures relevant, anonymous data, which are synched and stored in the Arduino IoT Cloud and can be accessed and decoded only by you, locally.

How does Distiamo protect users’ privacy?

  • Anonymous contact tracing using Tag ID
  • Instances where people keep the minimum distance and/or interact for less than the maximum time threshold are deleted from the Tag before synching
  • Datasets are encrypted before being stored in the Cloud and can be decoded only locally
With Distiamo, people’s safety does not come at the expense of their privacy.

Safety First

Distiamo brings a multitude of safety options for your workplace or venue, providing a service beyond Covid-19. Easily adapt the system to measure and monitor maximum occupancy numbers, track employee and visitor whereabouts in emergency evacuation situations, and can even identify if a person is down due to a serious accident like a stroke or epilectic fit via it’s high degree of positional accuracy.

Distiamo brings a multitude of safety options beyond COVID-19, from occupancy to evacuation management

Want to control the safety of your workspace?

Distiamo makes you future-ready.

Distiamo allows you to face situations like the current health crisis in the most effective, responsible, and modular way, but can also serve a wide range of different applications that will be useful regardless of the pandemic.

Looking for a social distancing and contact tracing solution that can evolve to cover all your workplace safety needs?
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