Famosa provides decision driven tools to agriculture professionals

A Sigfox based crop monitoring system

Develop a flexible, low cost, solution that is easy to integrate with a range of sensors

The core business of Fa.Mo.S.A. (FArm MOnitoring Systems for Agriculture) is to provide data driven support to professionals in the fruit and vegetables market. Fa.Ms.S.A. has extended precision agriculture into the fruit and vegetables sector by combining strategic processes (e.g. harvesting) with the interpretation and exchange of real-time information. This mix helps the various operators involved into the whole value chain, from the farmer, to the processor and packers, through to the end retailers.

Fa.Mo.S.A.'s solution acts as a decision support tool, to help make the entire value chain more efficient and increase the quality of the final products. With increasing pressure on margins, the best way to save money is to work on the higher stacks of the chain, by optimizing the use of resources during production and maximizing yield.

Main project requirements

In agriculture the most challenging issue relates to the avoidance of waste (products, resources, and time) that stems from the low end customer loyalty and the the lack of communication between the operators at different stages in the supply chain.

An innovative crop management system

Fa.Mo.S.A. developed a web service portal named esiFarm, which enables users to instantly check the environmental, physiological and productive parameters, as well as receiving notifications as alerts when urgent corrections are needed.

The portal receives and aggregates data coming from wireless sensors and portable instruments. The data is recorded in real-time and sent from the local Arduino node to esiFARM where it is stored and displayed by a web app or mobile app.

Arduino supported the design of the device used to monitor and log the environmental parameters. A series of nodes were developed with the Arduino MKR FOX 1200 to monitor the weather, soil growth and wetting nodes.

  • Weather node: detects environmental weather conditions such as temperature, precipitation, solar radiation, environmental data, etc.
  • Soil node: detects the typical parameters of the soil such as humidity, water potential, soil temperature, electrical conductivity.
  • Growth node: designed for the remote detection of fruit diameters in a direct and non-invasive way. It uses a specialized sensory system consisting of different sizes depending on the type of fruit to be monitored.
  • Wetting node: detects the ambient conditions under the crown related to the foliar wetting and the environmental parameters (air temperature, air humidity). It is a particularly suitable tool for monitoring on the vine tomatoes.

Customers using these devices have improved sustainability and saved resources throughout the production cycle - reduced water consumption, saved electricity by only activating irrigation pumps when required, and rationalized the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

“A really fast time to market was key - the Arduino MKR FOX 1200 enabled us to quickly develop a turn key and low-cost solution based on Sigfox® network.”


esiFarm makes the entire value chain more efficient and increase the quality of the final products

Harvest at the right time and choose the best storage.
Higher profits - maximise yields.
Protect the environment - use less water and pesticides.
Control everything via your smartphone with continuous monitoring and access to data.

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