An AGV controller with IIoT capabilities for Mercedes-Benz

A custom solution that is reliable and flexible at the same time, thanks to the dual-core Arduino Portenta

As a pillar of Industry 4.0, IIoT is a standard requirement to do business with any major company – especially in demanding fields such as automotive.

Engapplic jumped to the challenge when Mercedes-Benz subsidiary Montajes y Estampaciones Metálicas (MEM), which manufactures the leading carmaker’s V-Class and Vito frames near Barcelona, needed a new AGV (automated guided vehicle) controller.

The company set off to develop a modern model with IIoT connectivity – required to better monitor production in the factory – and integrated a list of specific features that would make the new solution powerful, reliable, and durable.

“Working in partnership, we had Arduino’s ongoing support from footprint design to firmware and programming, and quickly developed the ideal solution for our client.”


Main project requirements:

IIoT-ready, Easy to program, 24/7 uptime, Modular, Durable, Fast power-on and power-off

Engapplic decided to partner with Arduino to guarantee Mercedes-Benz solid integrated IIoT connectivity.

The automotive industry demands long-term high quality, with reliable solutions that are easy to maintain, fast to repair, and ready for the future.

Working with the IIoT-ready Arduino Portenta H7 was a game-changer: the compact board is easy to use, can be quickly replaced, and most importantly features a dual-core processor to run real-time/control tasks and Cloud connectivity at the same time. Power-on time is reduced to milliseconds to save battery life, while the AGV’s movements and much more are monitored via Wi-Fi®. Last but not least, the Portenta H7 costs a fraction of the price that has been demanded by competitors.

Industrial cart converted to AGV using Portenta H7

Could you step up to the next IIoT opportunity?

Arduino products are – and make you – future-ready.

Seizing present opportunities is crucial for business success, but so is thinking about future developments. It’s not only about seizing present opportunities. Tomorrow, Engapplic could use the Portenta H7’s CAN bus to communicate with additional sensors – opening up to additional features and improvements. This is only one of the ways we ensure Arduino products are ready for the next technology evolution.

Our solutions are customizable and scalable. We want each client to get the exact solution they need in terms of development, production and operation, and to be able to upgrade products, change platform and take full advantage of interoperability whenever their requirements change, in the shortest time-to-market possible.

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