Broaden your Opta interactions with the new Expansion Modules
Expand your Arduino Opta’s real-time control, monitoring and predictive maintenance applications by adding new I/Os.
Expand your Arduino Opta’s real-time control, monitoring and predictive maintenance applications by adding new I/Os.

Designed in partnership with Finder, leading industrial and building automation device manufacturer, Arduino Opta allows professionals to scale up automation projects while taking advantage of the open and widely known Arduino ecosystem.

With the new analog and digital expansions, you can quickly and seamlessly start managing the additional I/Os from the Opta base unit. Leverage the open and widely known Arduino ecosystem or PLC IDE IEC 61131-3 programming environment.

Opta Ecosystem Key Benefits
  • Deploy AI algorithms and ML on the edge thanks to onboard STM32H747XI
  • Dual ARM® Cortex M7 + M4
  • Flexible I/Os: 8x configurable digital/analog voltage inputs and 4x relays
  • (250 V AC - 10 A) output; expansions available soon
  • Ready-to-use Arduino sketches, tutorials and libraries
  • Support for standard IEC 61131-3 PLC languages
  • Seamless IIoT connectivity (Ethernet/Wi-Fi®/Bluetooth® Low Energy)
  • Fieldbus integration via Modbus TCP (ethernet) and Modbus RTU (serial RS485)
  • Secure OTA firmware updates and cloud device management
  • High power relay switching (4 x 2.3 kW)
  • Industrial certifications: cULus listed, ENEC, CE
  • Real-time remote monitoring via intuitive Arduino Cloud dashboards or third-party services
Why Arduino Pro Opta Modules

Designed to future-proof your projects, in line with the high-quality production values of Arduino Opta


Plug&play modules make testing new ideas quicker and more efficient than ever


Modular expansions connect directly to the Arduino Opta to increase its capabilities to meet your requirements


Open source means extensive documentation, wide compatibility, and zero vendor lock-in

Real-time Monitoring in Manufacturing with Arduino Opta Digital Expansions

Production data can be visualized locally via an HMI, or even by connecting to the Arduino Opta via Bluetooth® Low Energy. The simplicity of Arduino Cloud allows you to remotely display custom dashboards; Opta and Opta Digital Expansions are also compatible with other major Cloud providers.

Opta digital expansions are available in two variants:

  • Arduino Pro Opta Ext D1608E: 16 programmable Voltage inputs, 8 Electromechanical relays 250 VAC 6A
  • Arduino Pro Opta Ext D1608S: 16 programmable Voltage inputs, 8 Solid State relays 24 VDC 2A

Enhancing Security with Arduino Opta Analog Expansion

Elevate your security measures to new heights, ensuring not just safety but also efficiency. Enforce your physical security access having doors and motion detection meticulously monitored by analog sensors. Real-time data from sensors guide access control, alarm systems, and surveillance, while Arduino Opta regulates locks and entry points with impeccable precision.

Arduino Pro Opta Ext A0602 Flexible Inputs user programmable: 4 analog inputs, for 0-10 V, 0/4-20 mA, 2 analog inputs, for 0-10 V, 0/4-20 mA, or temperature (RTD PT100) Configurable Outputs: 2 analog outputs (0-10 V or 0/4-20 mA) and 4 digital PWM outputs

Arduino Pro offers a wide range of industrial-grade hardware components for high-performance, reliable and versatile solutions.