Portenta Mid Carrier: prototype in zero time

Unlock the full potential of Portenta family boards with the Portenta Mid Carrier.

Streamline your prototyping experience by effortlessly accessing high-density signals through dedicated headers. Explore a range of peripherals with the Portenta Mid Carrier, including two CAN lines, Ethernet, microSD, USB, camera, and mini PCIe connector. It further simplifies your development projects through dedicated debug pins and RTC battery backup.

The Portenta Mid Carrier is designed for compatibility with Portenta C33, Portenta H7, and Portenta X8, providing versatility for your development needs. Experience seamless integration and accelerated prototyping with this essential companion for Portenta family boards.

Key Benefits
  • Great prototyping tool for scalable Portenta applications
  • Quickly access all Portenta’s high-density signals
  • Expand existing projects with multiple connectivity options, thanks to Ethernet and mPCIe connectors
  • Leverage onboard MicroSD card slot for data logging operations
  • Easily interact with actuators deploying the onboard CAN lines (with onboard or offboard transceiver)
  • Develop industrial machine vision solutions exploiting onboard camera connectors
  • Simple reference design to develop proprietary hardware

Part of the Portenta range, designed for the most high-performance projects


Plug&play peripherals and easy debugging make testing new ideas quicker and more efficient than ever


The Portenta Mid Carrier seamlessly integrates with various external hardware, catering to diverse needs, from sensing to actuation


The Portenta Mid Carrier serves as an excellent reference design for crafting custom products within the Portenta ecosystem


Portenta Mid Carrier meets the needs of the most demanding contexts while maintaining flexibility and openness.

The Portenta Mid Carrier in combination with Portenta boards is designed to assist developers with their prototypes, by exposing multiple Portenta peripherals, including microSD, Ethernet and USB. In addition, it allows for easy debugging and inspection of the CAN lines through dedicated pins.

Frictionless machine vision prototyping

Streamline machine vision prototyping effortlessly by pairing the Portenta Mid Carrier with a MIPI or Arducam® camera. Whether you're working on object detection, recognition, defects identification, asset tracking, or other applications, the Portenta Mid Carrier is your key to rapid development.

Rapid testing of cellular connectivity

Accelerate the testing of cellular connectivity with the Portenta Mid Carrier’s mini PCIe connector. Unlock the potential for various applications such as smart cities/buildings, remote maintenance, and fleet management. Ensure swift data throughput to and from your Portenta boards, even in areas without Wi-Fi® coverage. Experience seamless connectivity testing to power your projects forward.

Tech Specs
  • High-density connectors compatible with Portenta products
  • 1x USB-A female connector
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet connector (RJ45)
  • 1x CAN FD with onboard transceiver
  • 1x CAN without transceiver
  • x mPCIe connector
  • 1x MIPI Camera connector
  • 1x Arducam Camera connector
  • 1x MicroSD card slot
  • 1x RTC LiPo battery slot
  • 1x Giga Display Shield connector
  • CAN
  • SAI
  • I2S
  • PDM
  • GPIO
  • SPI
  • I2C
  • PWM
Debugging Onboard JTAG pins
Power From USB-C® on Portenta
From 5 V on headers
From onboard screw terminal block allowing:
  • 5 V power supply, powering both the carrier and the connected Portenta
Operating Temperatures -40 °C to +85 °C (-40 °F to 185 °F)
Dimensions 114 mm x 86.5 mm (4.49 in x 3.41 in)
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