Portenta Vision Shield: a production-ready solution for Embedded ML applications
Portenta Vision Shield: a production-ready solution for Embedded ML applications

Open the lenses to a new territory of low cost, lean and efficient image processing applications for your Arduino projects

A rapid solution for embedded ML combining vision, audio and connectivity

The Vision shield comes with a 324x324 pixels camera module which contains an Ultra Low Power Image Sensor designed for Always-on vision devices and applications. The High sensitivity image sensors can capture gestures, ambient light, proximity sensing, and object identification.

The two omnidirectional built in digital-microphones allow you to capture sounds to the videos that can be stored on a microSD Card.

Transfer data either through Ethernet or LoRa® modules. Using OpenMV, any Professionals, Researchers and Developers can develop low cost Python powered camera vision and audio applications.

Compatible with the Arduino Portenta H7, for more information and documentation on the Portenta Vision Shield visit the Arduino store.

Professional computer vision, directional audio detection, Ethernet, and JTAG for Arduino Portenta


324 x 324 active pixel resolution with support for QVGA


Easily develop image processing libraries applications for embedded devices


Store image and video data on microSD


Voice/audio recognition in noisy environments

Detect Gestures. Identify Objects. See Things.

Always-on machine vision with the ultra-low-power Himax camera

Two beamforming microphones for voice/audio recognition in noisy environments

The Portenta Vision Shield is available with Ethernet or LoRa® connectivity.

The Ethernet version is perfect for all those wired applications that need high bandwidth data transfer speed. The LoRa® module option is specifically designed for edge ML applications, enabling low-power, long distance communication over LoRa® wireless protocol and LoRaWAN networks.

Arduino has teamed up with OpenMV to offer a free license to the OpenMV IDE, an easy way into computer vision using MicroPython.

Download the OpenMV for Arduino Editor and browse through the examples we have prepared for you.

CAMERA Himax HM-01B0 camera module
RESOLUTION 320 x 320 active pixel resolution with support for QVGA
IMAGE SENSOR High sensitivity 3.6 μ BrightSenseTM pixel technology
MICROPHONES Two MP34DT06JTR microphones
CONNECTIVITY Ethernet or LoRa®
DIMENSION 66*25 mm