Allows you to draw on your MKR RGB shield.
Depends on the ArduinoGraphics library.

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This library is compatible with the samd architecture so you should be able to use it on the following Arduino boards:

Compatibility Note

Note: while the library is supposed to compile correctly on these architectures, it might require specific hardware features that may be available only on some boards.


To use this library, open the Library Manager in the Arduino IDE and install it from there.


The Arduino MKR RGB library allows you to draw on the MKR RGB Shield using some very basic functions. This library is also the software interface necessary to create more complex graphics using the ArduinoGraphics Library.

This library is the one you should use to create the object YourScreen that you find in the examples of the ArduinoGraphics library. You may choose any label for your matrix objetct as far as you use that label instead of YourScreen label.

To use this library:

#include <ArduinoGraphics.h>
#include <Arduino_MKRRGB.h>

Note: Arduino MKR RGB library depends of the ArduinoGraphics library.