Highly reliable and accurate contact tracing for cruise ships

With Distiamo at its core, our custom solution is ready to sail – guaranteeing safety and peace of mind for major cruise lines’ guests and crew

Arduino Distiamo is a key technology for a leading cruise line to resume international sailings, implementing a leading health and safety protocol.

Developed in partnership with Mantero Sistemi, this innovative solution is a great step ahead in facing the Covid-19 pandemic because it helps mitigate the risk of contagion in one of the most complex scenarios possible: onboard a ship sailing out at sea, with thousands of people coming together to enjoy their holiday experience.

Deciding to continue investing in future-ready solutions, even amidst the uncertainty that began in 2020, is the winning move that allows companies to stand out.

Mantero Sistemi's client had committed since day one to identifying the most appropriate, state-of-the-art and effective technologies to enable the restart of global operations.

The cruise line company had defined no less than 96 KPIs to assess proposals. Amongst 18 others, Arduino's solution passed with flying colors having met all requirements, and went on to an extremely detailed Proof of Concept phase with Mantero Sistemi – who then deployed the systems and ran three full tests onboard.

Seeing Distiamo as an opportunity to prove true drive for innovation, even in the harshest of situations, the partnership with Mantero Sistemi and Arduino allowed the client to further consolidate a strong position of leadership in identifying and implementing technologies at the service of hospitality.

Main project requirements

Real-time locating system, Bluetooth® LE direction finding, Bluetooth® LE RSSI, Advanced dashboarding, Gateway Bluetooth® LE IP, RFID, Battery consumption optimization, Bluetooth® LE-based measurements in challenging environments.

Arduino’s complex contact tracing system has Distiamo at its core, but is fully customized for the client’s specific needs. 

While based on the common RSSI technology, additional Arduino algorithms make Distiamo stand out with extreme reliability and accuracy – virtually eliminating the chance of missing a risk factor or sending out false alarms.

Thus, what could be a critical scenario actually turns into the safest environment for people to relax and regain a sense of normalcy.

“We found Distiamo to be the most accurate contact tracing system currently on the market, and were impressed to see Arduino go from concept to complete custom solution in only a few months.”


How exactly does it work?
Step #1

Upon boarding, every guest and member of the crew is provided with a smart wearable that records any instances of interactions under 1.5 meters and lasting over two minutes during the cruise.

Step #2

Thanks to the gateways located within the ship, the wearable transfers anonymous data to a central database, updating everyone’s contact tree and history.

Step #3

If a positive Covid-19 case arises, medical personnel onboard can quickly and easily identify, alert, and test all (and only) the people who may be at risk, effectively containing contagion.

Need more technical details?

Enjoy your cruise!

Distiamo allows guests to enjoy the cruise of their dreams with complete peace of mind. The system is unobtrusive and respectful of privacy – complying with current GDPR regulations – yet highly accurate and reliable. You can simply forget about it, knowing that, in case of need, staff can promptly access all useful information to tackle emergencies, take targeted actions and keep everyone safe.

Worried about privacy?

With Distiamo, people’s safety does not come at the expense of their privacy.

  • Smart bracelets carry anonymous QR codes and encrypted RFID identities
  • No personal data is stored by the technology
  • Both QR code and RFID identity are associated with specific individuals through a separate reconciliation tool neither crew nor shoreside staff can access
  • Only if necessary, the highest-ranking officer on the medical team can temporarily access data to identify anyone at risk and take appropriate action.
  • All sensitive information is deleted once the cruise ends

What's Next?

Within different projects, Distiamo has been tracking contacts and ensuring social distancing in a variety of settings.

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