Numorpho’s smart helmet keeps people safe – while saving on R&D costs and time

A combination of Arduino Pro’s Nicla Vision, Nicla Sense ME and Portenta H7 provides the most valuable, reliable and flexible solution to create a next-generation retractable hard hat.


Cutting-edge system design firm Numorpho needed to develop a smart helmet to keep wearers safe and update a central hub about their surroundings.

Ideal for first responders, lone workers, and anyone stepping out into remote locations where safety and security are at heightened risk, the helmet had to comply with advanced industrial standards and provide smart sensing on the edge.

What’s more, the solution had to be integrated into a universal platform in order to communicate to the Numorpho Digital Twine Provisioning through third-party web services, and provide an extendable architecture to allow for the addition of more sensors in the future.

Numorpho built its solution with Arduino Pro to:

Accelerate development by customizing existing solutions instead of chip-down development

Create a comfortable wearable solution thanks to the Nicla range’s small form factor

Avoid refactoring when moving from prototype to production, saving both time and money


How can you accelerate development, cut costs, meet stringent requirements and keep quality rock-solid? The answer is Arduino Pro.

Nitin Uchil, founder and CEO of Numorpho Cybernetics Systems, based in Chicago, found in Arduino Pro’s ecosystem everything he needed to develop an innovative helmet with advanced features. His R&D team combined three components to create a smart hub that detects a variety of data around the wearer and processes them on the edge with power and speed:

  • Portenta H7 was designed for high performance: it can simultaneously run high-level code and real-time tasks thanks to its dual-core processor, and provides onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectivity.

  • Nicla Sense ME brings sensing and intelligence to the edge with its great mix of Bosch Sensortec sensors combined with high computational power.

  • Nicla Vision is a ready-to-use, standalone intelligent camera combined with AI and industry-grade sensors: train it to see details, so you can focus on the big picture.

In particular, the Nicla range’s small form factor (only 22.86 x 22.86 mm) allowed Numorpho to add to the helmet both rear-facing condition monitoring and forward-facing risk detection through machine learning.

Considering the integrated features, form-factor and compatibility, Nitin is convinced Arduino Pro hardware delivered “amazing value”. On top of this, the solution eliminated the need for time-consuming and resource-hungry chip-down design, finally resulting in an estimated 20% acceleration in prototyping and over $110K saved between bill of materials (BOM) and non-recurring engineering costs (NREs).

“Arduino has a really strong cost factor, if not the best cost factor compared to other products: it simply has more features per square micrometer.”

Nitin Uchil, Founder and CEO of Numorpho Cybernetics Systems


Working with a partner that aligns with your values can make a huge difference in business.

Nitin shares he’s “always been an open-source proponent for coding,” and likes how Arduino has been transferring the concept to hardware as well, “so that competition can join in, rather than be left behind. That is a really good way of showcasing possibilities for the future.”

Because of this common approach to innovation, the Numorpho team appreciated the enthusiasm and proactive spirit they found at Arduino. Our experts are willing to work with startups and companies to bring to life their projects, finding solutions so they can truly be the innovators in their field.

“Arduino’s professional community solves my largest struggle of finding a workforce and tools that bridge the gap between industrial design and electronic componentry needed to build connected smart products.”

Nitin Uchil, Founder and CEO of Numorpho Cybernetics Systems

Arduino Pro offers a wide range of industrial-grade hardware components for high-performance, reliable and versatile solutions.