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This function is used by the controller device to request bytes from a peripheral device. The bytes may then be retrieved with the available() and read() functions. As of Arduino 1.0.1, requestFrom() accepts a boolean argument changing its behavior for compatibility with certain I2C devices. If true, requestFrom() sends a stop message after the request, releasing the I2C bus. If false, requestFrom() sends a restart message after the request. The bus will not be released, which prevents another master device from requesting between messages. This allows one master device to send multiple requests while in control. The default value is true.


Wire.requestFrom(address, quantity)

Wire.requestFrom(address, quantity, stop)


  • address: the 7-bit slave address of the device to request bytes from.

  • quantity: the number of bytes to request.

  • stop: true or false. true will send a stop message after the request, releasing the bus. False will continually send a restart after the request, keeping the connection active.


  • byte : the number of bytes returned from the peripheral device.