We’re very excited to be back with Season 4 of our Arduino EDUvision live sessions. We'll be hosting a new episode every Thursday for the next 10 weeks, and they'll all be chock-full of inspirational guests, live demos, how-to product tips, and much more (including lots of fun!).

Featured episode
EDUvision Holiday Special: Play in Education

It's the EDUvision holiday special! Join us for a fun-filled and action-packed live show where we'll be celebrating play in education with special guest Simon Niedenthal.

Simon is a Professor of Interaction Design and is investigating the potential of smell-enabled gaming. It's going to be a good one!

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Want more Eduvision? Check our podcast.
Want more Eduvision? Check our podcast.

Check our new podcast discussing education, STEAM, technology, trends, and all things Arduino. Join us every Wednesday for a chat with inspirational guests, fun tutorials, and the latest in STEAM.